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  • UNIVERSALLY COMPATIBLE -- Don’t wait to start making great coffee. Our replacement charcoal filters are developed to be compatible with any Cuisinart coffee maker model.
  • INTENSIFY TASTE -- All of the nuances of a great cup of coffee start with quality filtered water. Enjoy the ultimate cup of coffee or tea by concentrating on the most important ingredient.
  • CHOICE MATERIALS -- Our replacement bacteriostatic charcoal filter combines the natural purifying benefits of charcoal with the technology of a micromesh sleeve to remove minerals, calcium, select pesticides, chlorine tastes and odors, to enhance your brewing experience.
  • COST EFFECTIVE -- Greater value than any other coffee machine water filter on the market. Purchasing our 12 pack of charcoal water filters saves you 6x the amount you would regularly spend on a year’s supply.
  • EXTEND PERFORMANCE -- The best filters extend the life of your coffee machine. Our 12 pack replacement water filters protect your expensive coffee makers, and you, from harsh chemical and bacterial build up.