Fresh Coffee Made Easy

Our last few blogs on raw coffee beans touched on the health benefits and uses of fresh green coffee seeds. However, the freshness of coffee depends on more than just the usage of unroasted coffee beans.

If you don’t have the time to dedicate to slow roasting your own beans for fresh coffee at home, here are other ways you can make sure you’re enjoying the freshest cup possible.

Method 1

There are a variety of methods to keep your coffee beans fresh. The first and easiest way is to purchase a coffee beans or grounds that are already packaged in foil-lined bags instead of paper bags. This keeps coffee fresh because it adds a layer that protects the beans from being exposed to air and water.

Method 2

Another way to ensure that you’re tasting fresh coffee and not stale coffee is by storing your beans in an airtight canister. It works to protect your coffee bean stash from all of the same elements but is reusable, which is better if you plan on purchasing beans in bulk.  

Method 3

Additionally, there’s a popular technique that involves freezing coffee beans to preserve the freshness of it. We’ll emphasize here that it depends on how long you plan on keeping it in the freezer, and what kind of container you store it in. In the freezer, fresh coffee beans will last about three weeks if its in properly sealed containers.

The Key To Fresh Coffee

All coffee beans contain a specific amount of moisture content. Just like pre-roasted beans, you can tell if fresh green coffee beans are getting old if they’re beginning to dry out.

This is a difficult line to walk as coffee beans are also susceptible to soaking up any smells, so you need to be sure you’re storing them properly. Use any of the methods above to keep your coffee lasting longer, and tasting fresh.

  • Apr 05, 2019
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