Milk, cream, and sugar are common add-ins to reduce the boldness of coffee flavors. However, these ingredients can add to calorie counts quickly, and are commonly known as inflammatory allergens.

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys your coffee lightly sweetened, and would like to reduce the amount you intake daily, try enhancing it with a coffee syrup instead!

Health-Conscious Coffee

Coffee syrups can be made with alternative and natural sweetening agents, making it perfect for strict diet plans.

However, additions like this may not be suitable for every diet. For example, though coffee is a popular beverage for those who follow the keto diet, refined sugar and alternative sweeteners are a big no-no.

This is because it’s a carbohydrate that is broken down into glucose, which your body would use as a source of energy before ketones. If this is the case, instead of using a coffee syrup, we’d recommend using stevia-based sweeteners.

Customized Coffee

There are a few types of syrups you can choose from to change up your coffee game. Stick to coffee flavoring syrups, such as hazelnut, caramel, or vanilla. These are formulated with a specific ratio of sweetener and water to add just the right amount of flavor to your coffee without overpowering it.

Much like our recipe for Pumpkin Spiced Coffee with pumpkin puree and maple syrup, flavoring syrups can be used for customizing coffee. It opens the door to flavor combinations that aren’t available from changing up roasting techniques, geographic sourcing, or brewing methods alone.

You wouldn’t want to use sweetening syrups, like corn syrup, concentrates, or fruit-based syrups, in your coffee though. Often, the notes in these types of sweeteners are incompatible with the flavor evident in coffee.

Your Coffee, Your Choice

Adding coffee syrup to shake up the flavor of your coffee is a relatively new concept. In coffee cupping sessions--think wine tastings, but coffee--adding syrups to brews are a new technique. So next time you’re brewing a cup of coffee at home with your reusable k-cup filter, add a splash of coffee syrup to your cup for a quick pick-me-up!

  • Feb 01, 2019
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