If you’re a casual coffee drinker, or new to the game, chances are that you’ve been choosing your coffee beans based on superficial attributes. Here, we’ll go over two of the most important things to consider when purchasing coffee that’s just right for you.

Beans vs. Grounds

First, you should consider which type of packaged coffee is right for you: coffee beans or coffee grounds. Most fanatics will choose whole coffee beans over ground because it’s more flavorful. As soon as the beans are ground, the protective shell is pulverized and exposes the beans to air, meaning the potency of flavor is muted because it’s not as fresh. However, if you’re brewing coffee in an environment where it needs to be ready quickly, grounds may be better a better choice for you.

Blend vs. Single Origin

Geographic origin can influence the taste of the coffee. This is because the altitude, soil, and rainfall of the region its grown in all affect the flavor profile. For example, if you’re looking for something fruity, try an African-origin coffee.

Blended coffee is a selection of multiple beans sourced from various origins that have been combined to create a complex flavor. Though this isn’t the case for all single origin and blends, in general, most blends are made to be enjoyed with milk while single origin coffees are usually enjoyed black. If you enjoy adding creamer or milk to your beverage, the complexities of a blended coffee will shine through. If you’re more of a purist, single origin coffee will allow you to enjoy the nuances of the specific region’s flavor.

Though there are a ton more factors you can consider when choosing the right coffee for you, these two are among the most important. Other important things to consider are the roast date, which all has to do with the freshness and taste of the coffee. To learn about how water can affect the taste of your brew, read our blog here.

  • Oct 16, 2018
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